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Welcome To Graphite Technology Inc.

Graphite Technology Inc., is multi products manufacturing company.

Started its operations as manufacturers of Graphite Seals and Gaskets for Industrial applications, soon diversified in metal components for Automobiles, mainly for the Exhaust Systems.

As on today, we manufacture hundreds of Seals and Gaskets out of Graphite, for use in Thermal Power stations, Oil refineries, Nuclear Power Stations and for other core sector Industrial applications.

We also specialize in High quality Exhaust Accessory for European and North American markets.

We have some of the best technical minds, engaged in development of new products in shortest period of time. We do understand the importance of Customer Services.

Reason of our success has been, Best quality of products at most competitive prices and above all, our most efficient services.

Our manufacturing facility in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, stores full line of Exhaust accessories and are able to supply in entire North American market at most competitive prices.

Flexible Graphite Gaskets:

Natural Graphite Flakes are expanded to 300 times their original volume by chemical and thermal treatments, these expanded flakes are compressed under mechanical force to attain sheet of desired dimensions. During this processing all the layers of individual flakes get interlock with each other, their-by providing a regenerated single molecular structure. The sheet structure so obtained is Flexible in nature and exhibit some unique properties :

1. Capable to with-stand temperatures from cryogenic to 2600 C in non-Oxidizing atmosphere.
2. Chemically Inert (with exceptions to few strong Oxidizing reagents)
3. Self-Lubricating.
4. No binder or filler, Infinite life.
5. Impervious structure.
6. Does not hardens or change its physical structure with time or when subjected to stringent conditions of high temperature and pressure.

Due to its laminar structure, Flexible Graphite exhibits very high degree of expansion, and fills-in even any microscopic deficiency in the mating surfaces their-by providing a perfect seal.
Commonly used Gasketing sheets are made out of fibrous materials, wherein fibers of various types are bonded together with elastomers and binders, how so ever good the fiberous material be, but when subjected to extreme conditions of high temperatures, pressures, thermal shocks, these elastomers and binders either gets charred away or harden, their-by leaving the composite structure prone to leakages. Flexible Graphite Sheets are mechanically bonded to tanged steel sheets. This no-torque composite structure with above stated properties is now ready for cutting in any desired shape and size.
Ordinary gasket material will burn away at this high temp, but Flexible Graphite remains unaffected . infect high temperature increases the sealing ability of Flexible Graphite Gaskets, with this much temperature, air entrapped in the laminar structure of Flexible Graphite expands their by FG fills in any void in the mating surfaces of flange and block.

Exhaust Pipe Seal rings for automobiles ( Donut Gaskets)  :

To seal exhaust gases in most critical conditions inside Exhaust system, encountering extremes of mechanical vibrations, thermal shocks and high temperatures, we manufacture these ring gaskets in variety of raw material like, flexible Graphite, Mica, Stainless Steel wire mesh, GI wire mesh or any other customer specified material. The most successful composition for these ring gaskets have been knitted wire mesh stuffed with Mica and Flexible Graphite reinforced with knitted wire mesh, wherein F.G and Mica are responsible to seal the gases while embedded and holed by knitted wire mesh. Unlike sintered metal, by very nature of their granular construction, are prone to fracture or disintegrate when subjected to stress of thermal variations and vibrations, Knitted wire mesh consists of matrix of interlocking loops made out of monolithic wire. Loops acts as small spring free to move in any direction thus providing the structure extreme degree of resilience for better cavity fit under extreme conditions of mechanical vibrations and thermal shocks. Knitted wire mesh technology for gasketing and sealing systems provides lasting resilience, strength in compression. These characteristics allow wire mesh sealing systems to perform under hostile environmental conditions where alternate materials would fail through decomposition or deformation.

Metallic 0 Rings :

Thin thickness Stainless steel or Mild steel sheet is drawn in 0 shape and is stuffed with high temperature standing sealing material like Flexible Graphite. Conventional 0-rings made out of various grades of Rubber have restrictions of use until particular temperature, pressure and working conditions. The metallic 0 ring structure so formed is having high mechanical strength and provide highly satisfactory sealing even at 1500° Celsius.

Spirally Wound Gaskets :

Single or double V shape Stainless steel metal strip is spirally wound along with high temperature standing gasketing material like Flexible Graphite etc, Seal structure thus formed is having very high resilience to seal fluid and hot gases at extremes of temperatures, at the joints of flanges in pipe lines. Outer or inner metallic centering ring is provided to improve its functionality at high pressures in Industrial applications.

Specials for Catalytic converter and Exhaust Manufacturers:

Catalytic Converter manufacturers : Take advantage of our modern and well equipped tool room in Brampton Canada. We will supply you manifold gaskets at extremely competitive prices. Though we have hundreds of different designs readily available, but in case of new part or any specific custom part, just provide us your drawing sample, we will make the new tooling without any cost to you.
Hows so ever good machined and finished flanges you may use but welding will always bring about distortion in the surface finish and  Flexible Graphite is the  only sealing material which will seals at  high temperatures taking care of any mating surface irregularities.

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